Sinacons International - Your Bridge to Success in Another Culture

Sinacons International is a consulting company specialized on inter-cultural, international research, education and investment projects. We have our base in United States, Spain and China. For each geometric region, we provide the consulting service in the following areas:

* Guideline, program setup and training for research and development in innovative techology particularly for cooperative applications such as cooperative design, coooperative visualization, cooperative learning, cooperative engineering etc.

* Guideline, program setup, publication for research and development in tourism and hospitality particularly for multinational, multicultural projects. 

* Providing information for inter-country investment opportunities and guideline and all the steps for clients from searching information until the transaction is finished.

Innovative technology

To promote innovation technology, Sinacons International has been involved in a sequence of international conferences on  design, and engineering and technical training.

Tourism and hospitality

To promote the research and information exchange of the tourism and hospitality study, to provide a platform to connect the researchers and the industry, we have been involved in organizing international conferences for tourism and hospitality.

Investment opportunities

An important new area Sinacons International is working is to provide investment opportunities to our clients particularly in China. See more about investment opportunities.


Sinacons international education experts provide consulting in education project setup, marketing and quality improvement recommendations.